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We are offering a special rate on our Complete Overhaul repair package from now until February 28.

This is a major, all-encompassing repair package. It's a good thing to do every 1-3 years (or so--depends on the rider and other factors), especially if you're a daily rider. This is also a good thing to do if you're thinking about a complete makeover... new handlebar style, new brake levers, shifters, etc. Get it all done at once. Best case, your bike will look and feel like a new machine.

The Complete Overhaul includes the labor for overhauling the bike's headset, bottom bracket, and hubs; all moving parts get removed, cleaned and lubricated or replaced; it also covers labor for replacement of cables, chain, gears, and re-wrapping of bars, as well as the labor to replace any part. The flat labor rate for this Winter Overhaul is $120 (normally $150). Bearings and additional parts prices vary per bike, so expect a total repair price in the ~$200+ range (more if lots of parts will be replaced; perhaps less if few parts need replacement).

Is this repair right for all bikes? Many of our customers' bikes would benefit from this repair, but not all. Bring your bike in for a free estimate to see if you should take advantage of this special offer. It's a great opportunity to get "the works" done at a discount.

We're also gathering prizes for our Winter Raffle.  Everyone who gets our Winter Overhaul is entered.  We're not sure what the prizes will be this year but one of the highlights from last year was a $70 Planet Bike Blaze light set!
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